I would like to thank Karenne for giving me this area to talk about my books, myself, and well...just to chat with other authors and readers.

I am a romantic suspense author, however, recently I've tried my hand at writing for children. As the mother of five, I get tired telling my children that no, they cannot read my books, because there is murder and ... *looks around for my mother *....SEX!! in them. EEK! How dare I??? lol. Actually the sad truth is, none of my older children enjoy reading for pleasure. Sad, really. When I was younger I was always reading - whether in class with a school book to hide the saucy Harlequin I was trying to read - or at home, when punished and sent to my room (which was like once in my whole life because I'm such an angel). I was always reading. Now? Now I only have time in the bathroom. We'll leave it at that!!

I love to write mysteries because they keep my interest, and I never know who the killer is going to be until the very last moment. I try to plan it, attempt to outline the story, but those characters always seem to take a life of their own. Plus, sometimes, I'm in a bad mood while writing and just have to kill someone off. I love the power!! LOL. I add romance to the mysteries because, let's face it, we all want someone/something to 'root' for at the end of the story. What fun is there in finding a killer if you don't have someone to hold you at the end?

Thanks again to Coffee Time, and I look forward to meeting/chatting with all of you!! If you have any questions/comments, etc, I would love to hear from you. My new book, "Fraternity" is available now as a download with Champagne Books (www.champagnebooks.com) or you can order the print copy instead!! Take care all and let's get chatting!!