This week’s theme is unusual occupations. I was spoiled for choice with this topic – a truck driver, an aromatherapist, spies, cat burglars. I chose an excerpt from Sex Idol, which is a futuristic. The hero and heroine are professional…um…let’s just say that reality shows have pushed the envelope and there are now professional performers who win big money on the sex circuit. This is an adults only excerpt.

Sex Idol by Shelley Munro

“Not like that. Gently!” Sasha Greenacre instructed. “You want your partner to climax not writhe around in acute pain.” She strolled down the lines of students practicing oral sex and halted when she noticed the couple at the far end of the room whispering instead of taking part in the class exercise. College students and legally adult, maybe, but they still loved to gossip given the opportunity. Sasha glided closer, ready to reprimand.

“…the man is hunkermondous. Bet he’ll enter the Sex Idol contest,” the pretty blonde said.

“He’ll win,” her exercise partner stated. “Wish I had Perez’s technique. Ms. Greenacre used to be his partner.
That’s why my parents enrolled me at her school the minute I turned eighteen. Said she was the best. They won all the top contests.”


Sasha squeezed her eyes closed and sucked in a breath, trying to ease the rapid beat of her heart. Ever since the ads for Sex Idol, the ultimate contest, had started appearing in the papers and on the links, Antonio’s name had hit the headlines. His name was on everyone’s lips. Rumors flew faster than her savings disappeared when bill time came around. Sasha’s nails dug into her palms as she took another hasty breath. Hearing his name hurt, dammit.

Even after all this time.

More whispering jerked her from the painful memories. “Are you going to participate in this exercise?” Sasha winced at the peevish note in her voice. “Have you both climaxed? No? I want to see at least one orgasm each before the timer goes.”

“Yes, Ms. Greenacre.” The male swiped his tongue over his partner’s glistening clitoris and she issued a soft mew, her hips jerking in time to the soft rock ballad that poured through concealed speakers.

“Very good.” Sasha strode down the rows of wide-padded benches again, observing her students’ progress with satisfaction. The novice class consisted of twenty students between the ages of eighteen and twenty—eleven females and nine males. They would do her proud in the upcoming competition, and all going well, they’d win the team’s award too.

Sasha became aware of excited whispers and heads lifted from the exercise she’d set. She turned toward the door to check the source of the interruption. A man stood in the open doorway. He was as familiar as the reflection she saw in the mirror each morning. Icy-cold panic froze her in place, the chatter from her students receding to the distance. The strident clang of the automatic bell jerked Sasha from her frozen horror.

What was Antonio doing here?

God, he looked…great. Sasha bit down on her tongue to make sure it wasn’t hanging out.

“Can we have your autograph?” Her students had no qualms about vying for his attention. They leapt from their workstations and ran to him like excited pups, heedless of their unclothed state.

“No problem. I’m happy to sign autographs.” Antonio signed books and slips of pastel-colored paper until Sasha wanted to scream. It was pretty obvious he’d come to see her, but why?

Finally, he excused himself, ushered his last excited fan to their clothes and out the door before shutting it with a soft click. Sasha winced but maintained his gaze in an act of sheer bravado. In return, he grinned and prowled across the room, his arms outstretched. Sasha stepped behind her rigid plastique desk, although it was flimsy protection against his potent masculinity. Tall, with the looks of a dark angel, the man oozed sex appeal.

Sasha had thought—hoped—she’d become immune. But judging by the way her heart rate had picked up into a frenzied gallop, obviously not.

“Sasha.” He rolled her name, slow and easy so it sounded exotic. Decadent and expensive like her favorite double chocolate chip ice cream. And just like that, Sasha was thrown into the past.

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