Title: Feral Heat

Publisher: Romance Divine
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Release Date: 27 Nov 2009

ISBN: 978-1-934446-72-0

Author: Elizabeth Black

Format: E-Book

Length: 22,571 words

Genre: Romance

Category: Erotic, Werewolf, Gay, Paranormal, Multiple-Partner, Threesome

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Grant and Sam were more than lovers; they shared a special secret. They also shared Grant’s roommate, Amelia, who was beginning to get suspicious about the two hunky males who disappeared every month. The sexy trio was not without their crises: Grant and Sam had a curse that continued to dog them, and Amelia’s soon-to-be ex had a bite that was as bad as his bark. It’s a howlin’ sexy time when author Elizabeth Black turns up the – Feral Heat.


"We have a surprise for you," Grant said. "I set this up while you were eating lunch." He pulled down the sheets and comforter and pointed to the head of the bed. "Do you like what you see?"

At first, she wasn't sure what peeked at her from behind the pillows. Black strips? What are they? Sam walked to one of the strips and unfastened it. She heard the sound of Velcro ripping. Oh, my God! They're under-the-bed restraints! How long have these two been into bondage? Her pulse quickened as she thought of all the kinky possibilities in store for her now.

"I put the restraints on your bed earlier today. Consider them a 'thank you' present from me for letting me live with you for a few months. Now let Sam and I take care of you for the next few hours. We'll fuck the tension out of you until you can't do anything but drool."

"I'd like that," Amelia said. "So what do I do?"

"First, get out of your clothes," Sam said. "We have more surprises for you."

Within moments Amelia's clothing lay on Sam and Grant's pile. She scooted onto the bed, heart racing at the thought of the hot time she was about to have. She reclined, spread-eagle, and allowed Sam to restrain her wrists while Grant restrained her ankles. She’d had her eyes on both of them for several months, and felt thrilled, and a little nervous, over finally consummating her late night erotic fantasies. Feeling out of control and unable to move initially frightened her, since she didn’t like to feel helpless.

"Give in to us, Amelia." Grant seemed to read her mind as he took a bottle from a small bag she hadn’t noticed before. He poured the liquid onto his palms and rubbed his hands together. He handed the bottle to Sam, who helped himself to some of the oil. The scent of rosemary wafted around her head and she inhaled the pleasant aroma, yielding to her desire to let go completely and let these two men tend to her needs.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Grant said. "We know you've been wanting this moment since you first saw the two of us. Give in to the helplessness. We’ll take good care of you. I know you've wanted the three of us to play for a long time, and now we're going to make all your wishes come true."

Grant and Sam started at her feet, rubbing her soles until her arches curled.
Their fingers pressed in between each of her toes. As they massaged, her body relaxed, the tension melting from her legs and arms. She watched her two luscious lovers as they tended to her body, working out the knots in her
calves and thighs, moving up her body until they reached her heat. Her pussy quivered, she desperately needed those talented fingers to massage her in her most intimate spot, but both men resisted. Amelia admired their bodies, glistening with sweat, and their erections drew her attention. I'm not the only one who's aroused. She squirmed against the restraints, wishing fervently for her tormentors to touch her most sensitive spot, yet realizing they purposefully held off giving her the intense pleasure she needed. Restrained and helpless feels incredibly hot! I had no idea that giving in to the care of two sexy men could be so exciting!

They seemed so animal-like in their lust, much more so than they had a week earlier when she last worked with them. Grant's hair and eyebrows seemed bushier, and if it wasn't her imagination, both men seemed much more muscular than she last remembered. Grant's arms bulged with muscle over muscle as he worked her thighs, and Sam's blue eyes seemed even brighter and larger than they usually looked. She knew both of them could pin her to the bed with their bare arms if they had not already restrained her. With each passionate touch and gasp of breath, Amelia felt a bit of fear, since she had never seen these two delicious men so aroused, but she gave in to her feeling of being overpowered and at their mercy. Their mere touch sent waves of pleasure through her body.