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    Default In General Whose's Better: Vamps of Wolves?

    The question simply is whose better (sexier, sophisticated, or who would you rather date?)

    Share your thoughts. On specific books and in general.

    Have fun!
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    At the moment, I prefer werewolves.

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    You mean we have to choose a side? I can't do that. LOL!

    I like both for the same and different reasons. It also depends on who's vampires or werewolves characteristics you're going to go by. For example if you're going by Keri Arthur's vamps with the exception of Quinn, Jack and a few others they stink to high heaven. They also have different abilities than the other and if they were anything before they became a vamp (like a shifter) they are able to shift still. The older ones can also stand some sunlight, but still have a small time period that they have to be indoors. Where other authors' vamps are different. Some get the abilities of their maker and they may have another ability that their maker does not. Others still have restrictions about sunlight whether it be that they cannot go out in it at all or they can walk all day in it (mostly the former and not the latter).

    Werewolves also differ from on author to the next. Some werewolves don't have to change at the full moon they just change at will (I call them shifters at that point). Others can change when they want, but during the full moon they have no choice in the changing process and others still can only change during the full moon and not at will. Wolves are usually more muscular than vamps, but there are exceptions to that too.

    Most vamps and wolves are hot as hell (the ones I've read anyway). Both have strength and speed on their sides and both can usually tell when someone is lying. There are other common things between them that I can't think of right off the bat.

    Okay, I'm off my soap box for now. LOL!
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    My vamp is tall, dark, and tortured in Betrayal. I gotta go with vamps. Werewolves get ...hairy at night. :D
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    Totally vampires, fangs are so sexy. I'm not into the hairy guy thing. *Winks*
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    To Funny Can't make up mind

    Can't make up my mind there both good. Do we really have to choose I can't.
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    I've asked myself this question many, many times. My answer? It depends on what day of the week really. LOL

    I can't make up my mind. I guess that's why I write about both. :D

    Now if someone offered to turn me, I think I would take either. They both have qualities that (if they were real) would be pretty awesome to have.

    I'm not much for sunbathing, but I would miss seeing the light. Living forever and never growing old would certainly be a positive for vamps.

    On the other hand, the prowess of the wolf is very appealing as well. Not to mention their hightened senses. But, I'm not a fan of rare steak. LOL

    And now I'm rambling. Great question!

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    Oooh, great question. If push came to shove.I'd have to go with vamps. However, my recent viewing of Wolf Lake, does lead me to thinker better of wolves, than I have in the past. I could be open to persuasion

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