Christmas of Hope released Dec. 10, 2009 from Red Rose Publishing. It isn't too late for a holiday read!
This story is a bestseller on the holiday category at Red Rose. Thank you, readers!

This is a sweet and sassy novella about finding love and believing in magick.
The heroine has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but she's determined to live life to the fullest.

Here's a peek:
Keelia Greer
Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, lace w:st="on">Holidaylace> (Christmas)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-609-0
Word Count: 33,860
Release Date: December 10, 2009
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Linette MacDougal is having a tough time this year--the death of her mother and now the house she grew up in may be taken away. The bright spot in her life is Hope Claus, one of her kindergarten students. When she meets Hope's father, Nick, she begins to believe in the magic of Christmas once more.>>
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Marianne stuck her tongue out at Linnet. She waved and hurried out of the restaurant.>>
Nick's lengthy discussion with the Oracle of Snow answered his most important questions and relieved the doubt that lingered. Already, a miracle had taken place in his heart. He prayed Linnet wouldn't snuff it out.>>
The Oracle shared many things he hadn't wanted to face and she'd generously given him a glimpse of the future, if he had the courage to grasp it. Afterwards, he knelt in prayer and had a long talk with God. He accepted the gift of Linnet as his chosen mate.>>
Fear tinged with hope for this new life. He despised feeling out of control, knowing deep inside he would die this time if he lost another woman he loved. The chance of immortality for his family, well, it humbled him. The Claus bloodlines were also guardians of humankind. They worked beside angels, serving, ministering, and healing.>>
Nick scooted inch by inch until his thigh touched hers. His stomach fluttered from nerves. He ordered wine and their lunch. He gestured to the cane. "Did you fall? Are you okay?">>
Her cheeks flushed. "I have a medical condition. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, it's a neuromuscular disorder that affects my balance sometimes. Stress or drastic changes in the barometric pressure such as a cold front or rain make the pain, headaches, everything that comes with it worse. I'm dealing pretty well with it right now. Today is one of the days I have to use a cane." She regarded him with a wary expression.>>
He lifted his hand and cupped her cheek. "I care about you, Linnet. These past months you've become more than a friend. If you'll accept me as…as your boyfriend for lack of a better term, we'll deal with the disease together.">>
Surprise and relief flitted across her expressive face. Linnet licked her lips. "If we can go slowly, I'd like to see where this mutual interest takes us.">>
Brushing his thumb against her satin-smooth skin, he leaned forward feeling the heat from her body, loving the fact she let him this close. "You've made me a happy man.">>
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