Being the author of a romance novel has its benefits, and of those is that I get to spend my entire day thinking "between the sheets" and conjuring up steamy moments of intimacy. I mean, what woman doesn't love to imagine being in the arms of a bare-chested hunk-of-a-man pampering her with all the attention she needs (and deserves). I, however, just get paid for it.

With that in mind, and the fast approaching Valentine's Day, I would like to give my readers the opportunity to win a signed paperback of Ræliksen and all the supplies necessary* to pamper themselves (bare-chested hunk-of-a-man not included, unless of course, you are counting my handsome Norse warrior hero, Dægan).

All you have to do is send me an email with a story of how your man has once pampered you in the most glorious of ways. Perhaps it was a surprise romantic dinner for two that he cooked himself, or maybe he went adventurous, and gave you your own "spa experience" by his hand alone. Now realize, this story will be posted on my blog, so you might want to leave out some certain details...

Nonetheless, this is your opportunity to become a "romance writer" and tell the world how great your man is. How he unselfishly took the time to make you feel special just for the sake of doing it. It does not have to be a Valentine's Day moment. It could be just any ordinary day that turned out to be memorable - a special date - a proposal story - ANYTHING!

Just send me the details of that great day in an email (pictures welcome but not necessary) with "Valentine" in the subject. I will pick one lucky winner whose story is the best and the most romantic, and then I will post the winner and their story on this blog on Valentine's Day.

So put your creative caps on and send me your most romantic interlude. Contest entries must be in by February 12th, 2010 (before midnight) to be valid.

Renee Vincent's Email Address:

*Prize Items:
-Autographed Ræliksen paperback
-the healing garden Lavender lotion, and two body washes
-Body Prescriptions Foot Spa Berry Mint Foot Lotion, Foot Splash, and Foot Soak (Pumice Stone and Brush included)
-BATH Bamboo Massager
-Dare To Bare Body Shimmer Lotion
-APRIL "Sweet Dreams" Eye Mask & Microfiber Hand Towel
-Spa Collection Black Cherry & Plum Scented Candle & Oil Diffuser with Reedsticks