Personally, I am one with the recalcitrant Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to the festive season, but find it impossible not to be caught up in our grandchildren's excitement, assembling, erecting and repairing their toys, summer picnics so they can try them out, etc., etc.
Yesterday, I put all that aside and settled down to work again, updating my teaching notes (the first of the short courses starts early February) revising my handouts so that they can be printed in time and clearing my desk of its accumulation of dust and rubbish. That done, I read through my three WIPs, set schedules for their completion and scanned my ideas file for their replacements. I had three published last year and would like to maintain that level, now that I can claim technical qualification as a best selling author. (I wonder how many others have made a similar claim on so flimsy a ground - tenth in a list of ten in a single source.)
My three WIPs are in the progressive stages I find works best for me. One in the final rewrite, one a completed first draft, and the third in gestation, the idea formed in general outline and being researched for flaws. I have no name for the third yet, nor a beginning, just a folder of research, a broad outline of three major scenes and a heroine with interesting characteristics.
Most of my stories start with the formation of a heroine. Only the three paranormals written for New Concepts began with a hero, and the ladies soon took over that series.
I've rambled enough this morning. It's time to get down to work, but I couldn't resist the temptation to achieve my sixty-ninth post.