Can a reincarnated bad girl find love the second time around?

The snowmen are melting and I'm wondering if it's because of my new hot erotica from Loose-Id, Twice Haunted. I hope you'll stop by to give it a read and spend a toasty night by the fire. >>
Blurb: Haley knows coming back to life will be tricky. She has to catch the Scarlet A killer and claim her soulmate Crispin, all without changing the future. No sooner does she agree when her guardian angel smacks her into the dying body of the killerís latest victim and she tingles back to life.

Crispin T. St. Giles, a journalist working on the Scarlet A Killer story, is really a Dom deep inside. When he interviews Haley, the killerís feisty latest victim, he's hit by a crazy itch to take her home and then turn her over his knee. When the sexy brunette begs him to do just that, only professional ethics keep him from touching her.

The killer strikes again and Crispin comes to Haley's rescue in the nick of time, whisking her away to his cabin to keep her safe. After a sultry night fulfilling all their kinky fantasies they're both in too deep to walk away. But with the killer after them, and Haley's guardian angel threatening to recall her for breaking the rules, their passion may be unfulfilled.

The naughty, matchmaking Fallen Angel from Once Haunted is back, and this time, it's kinky.>>

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Can a reincarnated bad girl find love the second time around?>>
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