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By jj Keller
Genre: Contemporary/Mystery
Digital ISBN:
Length: Short Novel
Price: $4.50
Digital Publication Date:
January 18, 2010
Cover art by Renee Rocco

Her ex-husband is opening a sex club, her friends are dying after using ecstasy, and Nikki Yadon needs to take action and rediscover her self-worth. She’s got the courage to infiltrate the tainted drug nest, but she wasn’t expecting who she found there.

Detective Josh Cerberus promised to protect and serve, so he accepts the assignment to go undercover as a member of a gay couple and investigate the drug deaths. Now he has no choice but to let his old flame help out on the case.

A new blaze of passion is kindled in their hearts, but drugs, death and danger stalk the two of them, and mistrust may lead to tainted ecstasy.
EXCERPT:Chapter 1
“Hell,” Josh muttered, swiping his hand through his hair. “This totally sucks.”

His partner, Calvin Stewart, ignored the comment and slurped his fruity drink. Josh swept his glance over the crowded room one more time, looking beyond the stylishly dressed men and women, searching for that one snippet of body language, something that would provide a clue to the person dispensing death in a tablet. Years of training kept him alert as he watched a biker, complete with leather chaps, flirt with a woman scantily dressed as a kitten. Her pert breasts pebbled against the sheer cream fabric of her blouse. Under the dim light, thick black lines drawn upward from the corner of her eyes created a dark creepy appearance.

Josh cursed his fellow detectives for arranging this assignment at the Lifestyles Choice Club. Old fashioned, Josh preferred heterosexual monogamy. As he’d found in the past few weeks, the trend in this place of ill repute was a mixing of sexes and piles of furry creatures―not his thing.

His sentinel duties had him leaning against a bar, keeping an eye on the sedate business men turned cannibals and older, nearly naked, loose-skinned women gyrating to seductive music. Mirrors had been strategically placed around the room and even in the rafters of the converted schoolhouse. The irony of a primary school used as a place for adults to play salacious games hadn’t gotten past him.
Josh Cerberus had fulfilled the implications of his mythological name and currently guarded the gates of hell.

The main level had been sectioned off by flooring into a dance area with wood as the base, a bar with tile underneath the swivel stools and a conversation grouping complete with soft chairs and sofas strategically arranged on carpet. Dim lighting created intimacy. His gaze traveled from the muted lamps to each person, appraising them―a vigilant watcher among a horde of sinners. He needed to find the drug dealer and distributor of the tainted ecstasy before more needless murders occurred. The Lifestyles Choice Club held the key.

He scanned the faces of the club members sitting at one of the furniture groupings.

She came into view. For a second, he wondered if the weak illumination played tricks on him because a smaller woman looked like his old secret flame from college. Blond hair with perfectly shaped white highlights swung to and fro as she moved her head. His heart skipped a beat, it was her.

The siren was Nikki. Although he couldn’t see the color of her eyes, he knew they were hazel, more green than brown. He focused on her mouth and his heart rammed into his lungs as he looked at her smile. She hadn't seen him, so he continued to stare, appreciating her beauty. Nikki’s hands were flapping in the air as she talked to another woman of similar age. Her face, though beautiful, had acquired a few lines since he’d last seen her, more than a decade ago. He had to be mistaken; his angelic Nikki wouldn’t be in a sex club.

jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.
Undercover Housewife: Detective and housewife meet undercover for passion, danger and tainted ecstasy.
All rights reserved.

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