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    Attention attention! We have a winner! Drum roll please…….

    First, I would like the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for adding to Murder at Midnight. You all did a marvelous job of keeping the suspense rolling til the bitter end. Even though each excerpt added so much to the story, my decision was based on the outstanding imagery displayed in my favorite excerpt. And with no further adu, the winner is…..

    CharmedGirl! Congratulations! Please contact me at:
    for details on receiving your prize. Thank you all, my fellow sisters in crime.

    Sharon Donovan

    Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

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    January 6th, 2010, 08:02 AM

    CharmedGirlCandace huffed, totally riled at her dinner date.
    How dare he just blow me off like that
    , she mused, considering the sherriff had wanted her presence and not just his at
    the newest crime scene.
    She snatched up her purse, and hurriedly slipped her feet into the black heels she
    planned to wear to dinner before slamming her front door firmly shut. In mere seconds
    she was in her car, turning the engine over and cruising down her narrow deserted
    street, her jet black hair fluttering a little wildly in the breeze.
    Moments later, she arrived at the address Sherriff Stone had given her, and her nerves
    of steel faltered, stunned by what she was witnessing. Red and blue lights blazed,
    flashing against the row of carmine bricked houses like a multi-coloured strobe light
    whirling over a throng of gyrating dancers on a dancefloor. Sirens screeched, and
    emergency personnel flooded the scene working together in harmony to discover the
    right evidence to lead them to the person who'd committed such heinous transgressions
    towards the women targeted.
    "Ms Valentine?" Candace turned towards the gruff voice that washed over her and gasped.
    "Are you alright?"
    A calloused hand encircled her upper arm, moving her forward before she heard the
    smooth, silky laden tone she'd come to love. "Bring her this way, Deputy."
    "Sherriff." She greeted with a slight grimace, and her stomach fluttered, as if butterflies
    filled it and were trying for a speedy escape.
    "I'll take it from here Deputy." The twenty-something fair-haired man gave him a
    quick nod and returned to interviewing witnesses. "Come see. It's just through here."
    Candace cradled her arm in his, and they moved quickly around the stream of people
    still on site.
    "As soon as Ms Valentine has had a look at the scene I want us to wrap it up people."
    Candace blinked, uncertain of what he meant. But by the round of nods it was axiomatic
    everyone else fathomed his statement.
    "Be prepared." Sherriff Stone warned. "It's quite gruesome beneath the sheet."
    "I'm ready." She said shakily, and he pulled back the navy sheet.
    Immediately, she regretted catching a glimpse, and she heaved her late lunch.
    Jagged slashes were streaked across the young woman's face, so not even her family
    would be able to recognise her. Red stains matted her party clothes, and the acrid
    smell of blood still permeated the air.
    It was no wonder I lost my lunch
    , she thought, before she glanced up at the concerned expression flooding Sherriff
    Stone's handsome features.
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