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I'm going to guess it's the guy from book 5. The alpha male of her family. What was his name...Blake?

Am I right Dani? I don't have my Riley books here at work with me. LOL
I believe you are correct Bec. Blake and Patrin were the ones from book 5, but I just can't remember who was father and who was son. I think Blake was the alpha of the Jenson pack and Patrin's father, but I don't have my book in front of me to check. He said he was going to make her pay. I also remember Keri mentioning something about her mother being involved somewhere in the books before they ended. Now whether that happens or not we'll have to see.

I had to laugh (and she'll probably kill me for this too), but she posted on Facebook about editing Moon Sworn and the muse is throwing up ideas for Risa's book. I'm cheering on the muse!! LOL! In fact I found the post and copied it for y'all to see.

Keri Arthur sitting here trying to proof read Moon Sworn, and the muse is throwing up ideas for Risa sequels. The muse is a pain in the rear

This was my reply to that post: I second Deborah's comment! Start jotting notes on a pad of paper while you edit. LMAO! (the person before me said she loved the muse) I also found this post from Keri on Facebook while I was looking for the one above. She's hilarious!

Keri Arthur bloody muse is still coughing up ideas for Risa. I see much rewriting in the future. But I wish it would just concentrate on proofing!

So, I think we're in for some good books about Risa next if the muse is interrupting her editing with ideas. Oh, and I saw that she said there's going to be a teaser for Mercy Burns at the end of Moon Sworn! I can't wait for that book either. I'm going to have to go back and reread Destiny Kills before Mercy Burns comes out.