Today I just signed another contract with Turquoise Morning Press for a contemporary novella entitled, SILENT PARTNER. It will be set to release in early 2011.

And for anyone who wants to help me name the hero of this novella, please click HERE to help me choose the perfect one.

To give you some insight on what the hero is like, he's a tall man with an athletic grace. He is a wonderful dancer and has strong thighs and biceps to prove it. He's of course an Alpha Male with a charming demeanor, though women flock to him because of his strikingly handsome looks and commanding presence.

What makes him downright irresistible is that, despite his efforts, he cannot help but be drawn to my heroine who, through his own suspicions, is playing "hard to get". But in all honesty, she is not toying with him. There is something else...

Are you as excited as I am?