Hey all! I'm so thrilled to be invited here to pester ya'll for all of March. Let's open up this thread here for any questions you may have for me, any questions or comments about the story we're gonna be working on together or just if you wanna chat with me. This is the place to do it!

So, a little bit about me. I'm an erotic romance author from Toronto, Canada (booyah on all our awesomness at the Olympics!) I've written for both Amira Press and Sugar & Spice Press. I love writing stories that are both sexy and highly emotional. Sexy shmoop! My current release is a romantic suspense called. Strawberry Wine with Sugar & Spice Press and I'll be giving away a copy to one lucky participating member here at the end of this month.

When I'm not writing, I of course love to read (just finished Pamela Clare's Untamed. Oh. My. Gravy.) and I love to cook too! I'm a proud TV junkie as well.

I'm all over the intergooglewebs at places like Facebook and Twitter but to get the clearerst picture about my books, you've got to check out my author site at www.ejamie.net

So in the words of those wise sages The Black Eyed Peas...Let's get it started.