Margaret Cantrell could feel his eyes on her as the lawyer spoke. Though the she knew the shock vibrating through her would probably be echoed on her ex husband's face, she didn't dare turn around.

The ranch was theirs. Theirs. Her father had explicitly stated that the Cantrell Ranch now belonged to Margaret and her ex husband Sean. They could sell it, or as he so eloquently put it, 'Get their heads out of their behinds and work the land as man and wife as God intended.'

The ranch was in such disrepair that Margaret knew they be lucky to get a penny for it. Her father was a sly bastard and knew either way, she and Sean would be thrown together.

Never mind the pain it would bring them both. What her father wanted, her father got and that was Margaret and Sean back in Abilene. Together.

She heard Sean get to his feet and she finally turned around.

"No," he bit out curtly. "No way in hell."