Hey Darlins!

So, I decided to do something fun, and yes a little crazy, this month. I'm hoping to post an interview a day on my journal. And if you've dropped by lately you've seen the character interviews I've done. I am loving them! Such neat characters and my to buy listing is getting a mile long. I interviewed a fairy, how cool is that? So anyway, go meet her. Her name is Shadow.

Here's the beginning of the interview...

Name: Shadow

Occupation: Wagon driver in my friendís cargo transport business. I know itís not a very ladylike profession, but I never really claimed to be ladylike, did I?

Zodiac sign: Hell if I know. Probably whichever one makes me the biggest pain in the ass.

Tell us about yourself. Where were you raised? Whatís your family like? Where do you live?

You have no idea what a can of worms youíre opening hereÖ but I suppose if you insist. I was raised by fairies, since, you know, I am a fairy. But please donít ask me where my wings are. The thing about fairies having wings is a myth, perpetuated by easily amused people like you. Iíd be more likely to sprout wings out of my ass than out of my back. Anyway, my family is a bunch of dirty wagon-robbing gypsy fairies and Iím well rid of them. I live on the road now with Lon. We drive transports. I canít imagine a better life. But, um, not because Lon is one hot guy. Noooo. I would never think of my boss and best friend that way. Not me.

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