Double Time: Puppies Bite
by Kate Hill
(Erotic Sci-Fi)
From Changeling Press
Release Date: 02/25/2010


On vacation Geri and Dee go swimming in a river, unaware that it's actually a portal to the planet Amazurn in a distant galaxy. They awake on an island where women lusting after rare alpha males indulge in sexual fantasies and gladiatorial sports.

In a world ruled by women, where dominant males are banished to the Alpha Islands, twins Iron and Rock earn their living as gladiators. They're training when they notice two women drowning in the sacred lake and dive in to help.
Saved by the two brothers, Geri and Dee can't resist their gorgeous rescuers, but on Amazurn, if a woman wants to keep her heart intact, she should never love a gladiator.

*Note: Puppies Bite is part one of a two-part story concluded in Rock and a Hard Place.*


She entered in the middle of his warm up, took a spare rope off the peg on the wall and joining him in skipping rope. No matter how he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes off her lovely bouncing breasts. Even her snug exercise top couldn't completely hide their fullness.

The image of her skipping rope while naked flashed across his mind.

Iron, what the hell is your problem?

He tore his gaze from her and skipped rope for about ten minutes before starting his stretches.

"Wow, you're very flexible," Dee commented as she hung up her rope and joined him on the floor. Her gaze traveled up the length of his legs that were spread in a full split. She lingered a bit on the bulge of his crotch. Then a slight blush stained her cheeks and she glanced away, clearing her throat.

He nearly grinned. It was nice she noticed him. Maybe Rock had the right idea about indulging a little with their charming guests. Iron couldn't seem to get Dee out of his mind. Maybe if he took her to bed he'd get her out of his system.

Normally he wouldn't consider a woman's feelings—not that they had any. Why then did she seem different? The thought of using her body and casting her aside disturbed him. For the first time in his life he doubted he could sleep with a woman and not become emotionally involved.
Damn this angel-eyed human!

"Would you like to try some partner stretches?" she asked.
Partner stretches. His hands on her body.

"All right. You can go first." He moved toward her and within moments she lay on her back while he guide her legs into a series of slow stretches. She was quite flexible, but her athletic ability wasn't his primary concern. The feel of her strong little body aroused him so much that he resisted he urge to caress her thighs or trail his fingertips over he tight belly and softly rounded hips.

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