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    Default Week 2: Inside The Novel

    Now that we're beginning week two, we can discuss the actual novel.

    Because the average novel consists of 60,000 words there are a lot of things that will be going into it. That means there's a lot to cover this week so let me know if I go too fast. Remember, all the threads will remain here so you can go back to it as often as you want. Please enjoy and comment (or ask questions) whenever you'd like, even if it was from last week's lessons.

    To begin, let's go further with the characters.....

    Tags help you define characters with using the telling part and makes showing so much easier for you and the readers. For instance, your character is a smoker. Tags for this character will include......the act of buying cigarettes, lighting up, buying a lighter, asking someone for a cigarette or light, the act of complaining when a place doesn't allow smoking, emptying an ashtray several times, having fingers that are turning yellow slightly on the skin, having clothes with the scent of smoke, and more. Just mentioning that he or she smokes will not work, show the reader in the act of being a smoker and it will be more real for the reader.

    Another person whose nervous will have different tags showing this type of character. This includes.....looking at the time whether its a watch or a clock several times, twiddling fingers or twirling hair, chewing their nails, smoking could be a sign of being nervous if he or she doesn't normally smoke, moving around a lot, sweating, and more.

    When using conversations, keep them short and flowing. When you spied on people, did you notice how their conversations were simple? They didn't tell each other their whole backgrounds so why should you? Find another way to introduce their backgrounds. And you don't have to paint the whole picture, allow the reader to use his or her imagination by giving them enough clues to see their own picture. And show, don't tell works really well on that.

    Here's a lesson for you to try out. Spend the day paying attention to your own actions. What "tags" would you use to show your personality? Let's share your list here. We're going to have a few assignments this week since there's so much to cover and if you're participating, I'd love to see what you're coming up with. You're all welcome to post your finished assignments in the threads so we all can learn more. Some learn by seeing, some learn by doing like I do. Let's help both types of people here.

    Thank you. See you soon!

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