Before we end the first week of this seminar, does anyone have any questions?

Let's recap...

Story Question: It should be known within the first few pages. Readers should want to read your story based on the first 5 pages, esp the publisher.

One way to do that is to establish believable characters. A reader should be able to relate to the main character in some way.

Another way is to create a powerful beginning, establishing the story question will help.

We discussed how to profile and studying real people in real time based on where you MC hangs out. This location will be different for all characters and for each book. It can be fun while being educational. This is something I still do as a writer because of the fun lol.

Next week, starting Monday we will be discussing a lot of things that go into a novel. Each day, I will come in and discuss plotting, more about characters, scenes, "tags", and so much more. At that time, this week's discussions will be locked. If you have any questions, please ask now or you may create a new thread for your question at any time.

Thank you!!!