Not all love happens in a fictional world. If you like your men real and have a penchant for hot Brits, you might want to pop over to Phaze Books and have a look-see at the work of authoress Christine London.
Set in locales as real as Hollywood, rugged Iceland, the frothing seas off San Francisco and Metropolitan London, these tales are as real as the longings of your heart.
Ever wonder what it would be like to love and be loved by the world's hottest Scottish actor, be aboard a boat full of smuggled drugs, watch the man you love kidnapped from in front of your eyes, fall through the ice into the frigid waters of a rushing river only to be pulled out be a man you thought a cad..until now??
See you over at Phaze Books for a good and proper read that will uplift, inspire, entertain and make you fall in love all over again..

Christine London--love with a decidedly Brit Twist