Set in 1450 B.C. Minoan Crete, in an age of priestesses, palaces, and beefy heroes...

Ariadne, high priestess of Knossos, expects nothing from her new consort except disappointment. When a rugged Achaean warrior and prince turns up instead of the usual callow youth, the last thing she wants or expects is to be seduced.

Taranos, prince of Tiryns, has spent the last fifteen years wandering from one end of the Aegean to the other. Then he sets eyes on the alluring high priestess and has to win her--and he's prepared to pay a steep price.

Turmoil erupts with the arrival of Achaean warships, which shakes Ariadne's budding interest in her prince, someone who seemed willing to give his life to be with her. How much did he know about the invasion, and how involved was he? Ariadne soon realizes she must choose between her threatened society and the man who dares awaken her passion.

Steamy, meticulously researched, and with two sequels already on the way!

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