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Just introducing myself here, my name is Chloe Waits, and I write erotic paranormal and contemporary romance at Phaze.

Here are my releases:

Flesh for Fantasy

“…for a hot, yet sweet, short read, then Flesh for Fantasy by Chloe Waits is a must have for your book collection…” Deb from Dark Diva Reviews
4 ½ Delightful Divas

'Cheyenne’ is every man’s fantasy—over the phone. Playing the popular fantasy mate, Cynthia Stewart seduces callers nightly, despite swearing off men in real life.
Separated and struggling to reclaim her career, Cynthia’s heart and libido are simply on the shelf. All this talk about fantasies has little effect on her.
Until Cynthia meets a man who wants to know hers.
All of them.
Opening up her private thoughts is a big step for Cynthia. Yet she can’t resist the man who describes himself like the perfect tall, dark, handsome stranger. And his calls slowly push her personal and sexual boundaries open.
But Cynthia starts to wonders if this is someone she can truly trust.
Because she has been giving him the blue print to seduce her for real...

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Demon of Desire

Demon of Desire was a "YouGottaRead” from YouGottaRead Reviews, and a Top Pick at Book Vamps!
“You must be ready to face all the desires of your heart, and know which ones are real.”
Sarah heard the costume store owner's warning, but didn't heed it. Tonight of all nights was Hallowe'en––a time of magic and make believe. She has an invite to the largest party in Chicago–in a beautiful Renaissance dress reputed to bring her heart's desire.
Why should she be cautious? After all, where had it gotten her except alone on a Friday night? It certainly hadn't gotten her a date with her adorable neighbor, Tim. So when she meets a dark, magnetic man in a mask claiming to know her every desire, she surrenders to his seductions, and for the first time engages in a steamy one night stand with a stranger.
Little does Sarah know that her new lover wants much more than one night with her. Much more,
Her every pleasure will be indulged, but at what price?

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Demon of Desire

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