Do you love romances that include an alien? Do you need a some romance mixed with your scifi? Then Alien Deceptions is for you! LOL

Here's the blurb for this upcoming story:

Terror stalks her nights as she waits for them to come and take her away again.
During the day she researches, and interviews other alien abductees. Using
disguises and the alias The Black Rose, she does what she can to help minimize
their psychological damage, while desperately trying to find the answers to
stopping the abductions for all time. Never knowing if this will be the night
she is not returned back to Earth, but taken away forever as her parents were.
Into her waking nightmare steps a gorgeous stranger. Is he one of the dreaded
feds who are always covertly watching? Is he one of her father's science fiction
fans who wants her to write about her abduction experiences? Is he a tabloid
reporter looking for another sensational story about the teenager who was
accused of murdering her parents, and who it is rumored to be the Black Rose? Or
is he someone else entirely? The answer is beyond her wildest imaginings, and
could be either her salvation, and a chance at true love, or her death.