I'm changing our schedule just a little because the publishing phase and marketing is just as important as the writing itself. So let's talk about ending and editing this week!

Remember that story question we had in the first week? Well, now we should be answering it for our readers.

Did the boy get the girl? Did your hero save the world? What ever question you created for your story, it should have an answer that makes sense and doesn't disappoint your reader. If you fail at that, you may never get your reader back.

How you accomplish this is up to you and your story. Remember to keep everything in the story in a steady flow all the way to the end.

Make sure you keep your information the same through out the story as well (more about this in the editing portion of this week). For instant if your MC was named Katherine, her name will still be Katherine in the end of the story.

If you are a beginner, keep your POV the same throughout the story. Once you have nailed this part of story telling, you're welcome to try other venues. POV is point of view, or how you're telling the story. This is usually as the main character. He or she doesn't know how other people feel and when he's/she's in another room, he or she isn't going to know what or who the other character is seeing, hearing, and talking to unless he or she can hear or see it too like through an open doorway or something. This is something I learned the hard way lol. It is important to know this.

If you aren't as new as a beginner then using more than one POV is fine just don't confuse the reader. Never switch POVs in mid-paragraph. Keeping one POV in a chapter is best. Always throw in hints to keep who's POV you're using visible at all times. This will decrease that confusion for the readers. Remember, you don't want to lose the reader at any cost. Here's a good rule of thumb, if you're lost so is your reader lol.

Tomorrow, we can discuss endings to begin the next book lol. Yes, you can have cliff hangers!