Adam drew the song to a close, smiling at his sleeping friend. He hadn’t intended to lay out things quite as bluntly as he had, but Nate was still here. That had to be a good sign. For a few seconds, he thought about waking Nate, but decided to leave him. Adam set his guitar aside and flipped off the light, plunging the room into darkness. He stripped down to his boxer-briefs and crawled onto the bed. Even if Cade did return tonight, he wouldn’t think anything of seeing them sharing a bed.
They’d shared one room in some real dives during their time together, but if Cade caught them under intimate circumstances, then all bets were off.

Adam grinned. He didn’t see that happening. He closed his eyes, realizing he was tired. The sound of Nate’s breathing lulled him, and the last thing he remembered was smiling about the cuteness factor of Nate’s snuffling.

Nate woke slowly, his erection cuddled up to a warm ass. Remaining still, he breathed deep, drawing the familiar scent into his lungs. It was the best way to wake in the morning. With a contented sigh, he pressed closer.

“I never pegged you as a cuddler,” Adam drawled.

Fully awake now, Nate jerked away with a heartfelt curse.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Fuck, do you ever shut up?” Nate rolled off the bed and jumped to his feet, his heart pounding as if he’d run a hundred-meter sprint. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You were tired. I didn’t see the point of waking you. You want to go for a run?”

Nate scowled, his eyes narrowing while confusion pummeled him. “What are you trying to do to me?”

“Don’t make too much of this,” Adam said. “A run. That’s all. We’ve run together before.”

“I…yeah. Okay.” Nate dragged a hand through his hair and turned toward the door, the desire to touch Adam throbbing through him like an aching tooth. “I’ll grab my gear.” He would not touch. He would not.

“Five minutes?”

“Yeah.” Nate paused and strode back to Adam, his feet taking him even though his mind warned him of the big mistake he was about to make. He dragged Adam into his arms and kissed him. Hard. Their noses mashed together. Teeth clacked before they managed a fit for their lips. The kiss was rough. Fierce and unrestrained. Nate catalogued the differences with part of his mind while he sank into the intimacy of being so close to another person again. Adam’s lips were soft, but the contrasting rasp of stubble made the kiss different. The hard body rubbing against his own was different as well, with none of the cushioning curves he’d enjoyed with Rosa.


He wrenched from Adam’s arms and hurried to the door, yanking it open. His breath came in loud gasps, almost panicked. “There. No big deal. It’s over and now we both know.”

“Know what?” Adam padded up behind him and pushed his hand against the door. It shut with a sharp click. “What do we know?”

“That we don’t work together. We’re plain wrong.” Nate stared at the paintwork of the door, tried to ignore the note of panic in his voice, but he knew it was there. So did Adam. And the blood crowding his cock didn’t lie, either. He wanted more.

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