Here are some helpful things to watch out for while editing...... Print this out if it helps. Let me know if something was missed lol.

1. Inconsistencies
2. Spelling (make sure you have the right one for the right meaning as well) to, too, two; wright, right, etc. Don't rely on spell checkers.
3. Grammar
4. Run-on sentences
5. Two sentences that could've been made into one
6. Realistic scenes, characters, etc.
7. Story question and answer
8. Strong plot
9. Strong characters, not flat ones
10. Correct nouns, adverbs, etc.
11. Repetition (avoid them)
12. Cliches (avoid them)
13. Does each sentence make sense?
14. Can you make this better?
15. If you remove this sentence, will it still make sense?
16. How's the POV? Can you tell who the story is being told through who's eyes? Does it make sense?
17. Is this story accurate for the time of year or date when it takes place in? Yes, it matters even with fiction.
18. Is it in balance with off scene events? Something going on in the other room that takes 5 minutes shouldn't happen in 1.
19. How are the scenes? Did you describe enough for the reader to paint a picture (his/her own picture)?
20.Did you leave anything out? Sometimes what you see in your mind doesn't end up on the paper so be sure to catch everything.

Are you ready for round 2,3,4,etc. Do this again in a couple weeks or more.