Promoting your own books doesn't have to feel like work. By the time you're published, you're so ecstatic that it got published, you wanna tell the world. Use that energy to market your book now! Its actually fun, really.

Like I've said in earlier posts, meeting the fans make all the hard work so worth it! Hearing their thoughts about your books make your head spin in a good way. I've heard my own fans tell me things about my books I didn't even know and let me tell you it was wonderful! That's the true payment of getting published, seriously.

Just like the pen or keyboard is your important tool for writing, there are very important tools for marketing. You've already learned two tools, blogging/websites and book signing/readings. Now we're going to discuss the rest!

Like I've said before, never pass a chance to spread the word about your book. When standing in line, talk about your book. When you're pumping gas, talk about your book to the next person pumping gas. Having business cards make it easier.

Business cards.......This is like your website. You need your information in one place. Book title, ISBN#, price of book, your pen name, website link or blog if you're only using one or the other, and cover if you're able. Remember, there are both sides to the card so use your space available without cramming it all together. Make it look neat. Some things can be left out so choose wisely. At least go with your pen name, book title, and website.

There are cool things you can use besides business cards such as magnets, stickers, items of clothing, household items like a mug, pens can have your website link and pen name, you can even pass out candy with your book title or website on it. You can make flyers, post cards, calenders, coloring books, or what ever you'd like; the sky is the limit really.

Even when you have a book signing, you can bring in special treats for your fans. Book marks work well, cookies specially made with your cover on them, candies, or what ever.

Contests work really well because it gets people to read your book to win prizes. You can have something made with your cover on it. Or you can have the prize being a night out for dinner for two to a nice restaurant or something. Writing is a business (no longer a hobby for you) and you're the owner of this business so you can make any contest you want! Its your rules, your prize.

Always keep plenty of books on hand to show people because some people might want to buy a copy directly from you so they can get an autograph from you lol. Believe me people prefer buying a book from the author whenever possible and it makes it special for them! I think 5 copies is a good number but its up to you lol.

If your budget allows it, think bigger to find more readers. If you know your audience like you know yourself, finding the location where your audience would hang out is a must. Then you can buy a space on a bench to place your cover and website information, or rent a billboard. You can even have a commercial made.

You Tube has become busy with videos covering everything. Making your own "commercial" could be a benefit. Its called a trailer, like one for movies. Be creative on this. You can video tape yourself reading an excerpt, video an actual scene from the book, or whatever. I watched one video where the author was in a cemetery. Her book was about angels so the video captured angel statues which was really nice. It was a very professional video. You can make your own or hire someone to make one if you can't. The new laptops come with Windows movie maker which is fun to use.

The Internet is a hot line for marketing. The number of people you can reach is in the millions! Networking is a great way to reach those people. Make sure you link everything to your website. The more links you have, the easier you can be found (you and your book).

It sounds like a lot of work and well, it really is but it becomes fun when you don't think about it being work lol. If you enjoy being a writer like I do, it becomes second nature to talk about your books. Don't boast too much though. Being passionate and boasting are two different things. Be proud of who you are and others will enjoy hearing about it.

Let this absorb and I will see you all tomorrow for more tips on writing!