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Like what? Get themselves into tricky situations that lead to interesting things. LOL

Kinda like this...

Impatient she folded her clothes and stored them in the transport box. She was done.

“Well, are you coming?”


He jumped like a scalded cat when she spoke. What was wrong with him, already? Here she was suited up, clothes packed and raring to go. And he was gawping into space like a cowfish, he hadn’t even taken off his clothes yet.

Now that was an interesting thought. She’d often imagined what he’d look like naked and now was her chance to find out. It was a show she intended to make full use of.

He blushed, looking cute as a kitten when he did. As he finally started to undress Carrie made no apologies for watching him. It had been a long time since she’d been able to enjoy seeing a naked man, and this one certainly had a lot to show. She licked her lips as his pants came apart. Judging by the bulge in his shorts the display was going to be pretty impressive. When he pressed the sealing pips and his shorts fell to the ground, his erection gave her pause to think.

Had seeing her naked had that much affect on him? If that was the case then she’d rack down her level of revenge some. No. He didn’t have an erection because he cared for her. Like most men, especially those she’d met during the last seven years he was simply lusting after her body. She’d had way too much of that come her way to think he’d want her for anything else. Still, she could barely tear her eyes away from it, or him, as he continued to struggle into the suit. Each unsuccessful attempt at hiding his erection, then having it spring out like an excited puppy, tickled her to death—and captivated her. Maybe she should go over and help, she could hold it down while he covered it up. Hmmm, that put a warm feeling someplace where it would be very welcome.