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    Default New Releases: Rock and a Hard Place and Naked Souls

    Rock and a Hard Place by Kate Hill
    (Erotic Sci-Fi)
    From Changeling Press
    Release Date: 03/25/2010

    On Alpha Island men sell their flesh through prostitution or gladiatorial matches. Brothers Iron and Rock have almost earned enough in the arena to buy their freedom. When tragedy strikes during a match, Rock refuses to fight again, even if it means staying on Alpha Island forever.

    Accidentally transported to the planet Amazurn, Earth women Geri and Dee thought all they wanted was to return home, until they fell in love with the sexy twin gladiators. Tender yet powerful Rock has claimed Geri's heart and fiery Iron is Dee's perfect match. The women must choose between their home world and love.

    When Rock and Iron are invited by the Queen of Amazurn to participate in a gladiatorial challenge with freedom as the prize, they have a chance for a new life with their lovers. But the competition is fierce and rather than gaining their freedom, the brothers might lose their lives.

    Read an (Adult) excerpt from Rock and a Hard Place at

    Naked Souls by Kate Hill
    (Erotic Fantasy)
    From Ellora's /Cave
    Release Date: 03/26/2010

    Betrayed and imprisoned, Overlord Lysander is forced to mate with beautiful Queen Flora. Lysander has never found a woman more desirable. Resisting her is impossible, especially when manipulated by carnal magic.

    Trapped in a loveless marriage, Flora has dreamed about Lysander since meeting him at the high king's gathering. She never imaged she would one day be forced into his bed by her maniacal husband.

    Damaged by an abusive past, King Typhon obsesses about two things--keeping his kingdom safe at any cost, and the innocent maid who stirs his body and soul. Love is a luxury a leader can't afford, especially when he's consorting with the fleshtress, a creature who thrives on mortal lust.

    Compelled to love a man she can never have, Crystal longs for brooding King Typhon. She sees past his madness and into his heart, but to save the man she must destroy the king.

    In a magical world at war, passion abounds as four people are stripped to their souls, but will love or lust conquer all?

    Read two (Adult) excerpts from Naked Souls at

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    Congratulations on the releases Kate.

    Love the covers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharmedGirl View Post
    Congratulations on the releases Kate.

    Love the covers.
    Thank you very much, CharmedGirl!

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