Spike and Butterfly made their way to the mausoleum with the only help from the captain a clue to look for the crypt of Madame Grotesque. They had to pick through the cemetary by moonlight because they couldn't risk a flashlight rousing the oddly suspended zoned out zombies.
"That's it," Butterfly said, scared and grateful for the feel of Spike's hand at her back.
They heard an odd mumbling sound coming from the creepy tomb. "What is that?"
"Sounds medieval," Butterfly answered.
Spike led her closer to the open door of the tomb. They saw a small fire and smelled burning flesh. As they peeked in the door, they saw a bent figure burning a body one itty bitty piece at a time. SPike pointed to the frozen in time zombies around the inside of the crypt.
"What's the matter with them?"
"Sh," Spike said, but it was too late. They'd broken the figure's intense concentration.
The draped in muslin figure lifted a hand, and Butterfly opened her mouth to scream.
Spike muffled the noise with a kiss designed to distract Butterfly from what was happening. At the woman's lack of concentration, the zombies started to move.
"She's using their energy or something," Spike whispered.
The figure, obviously Madame Grotesque, went back to staring at the flames and burning the body. The zombies around the crypt didn't move.
When it was over and the last bone burned to ash, Madame Grotesque tossed back her dusty veil and said in a raspy voice. "It's over. I've righted the wrong of a spell gone bad."
Butterfly and Spike looked at one another in disbelief. "But our friends and family are dead!"
Madame Grotesque tossed back her head and spread her arms, chanting again in that mysterious, ancient language.
"Forgive me. The macabre should never touch the light of day."
As if compelled by an outside force, Butterfly and Spike shouted, "We forgive you!"

It felt as if they were tumbled back in time.

Butterfly walked down the noisy hall of here highschool, noticing the super hot bad boy, Spike, coming her way. She had the ridiculous desire to hop cliques and kiss him senseless.
She stopped, ignoring her friends asking what was wrong.
Spike stopped too. Would they walk on?
He held out his hand. "Wanna ride home from school?"
It didn't matter that she had her own BMW in the parking lot. She would go anywhere with him. She smiled, and he sent her a sexy grin that felt as familiar as the sun.