"See No Evil, My Pretty Lady" reached the end of its contract with The Wild Rose Press in January. Since then I've toyed with exactly the path I wanted to choose for it.

Considering my options, and dreading the whole process of resubmittal again to various publishers, and if accepted, the even longer wait to get it out there...well, I'm going to self-publish.

This book has already proven its worth with glowing reviews and winning a number of awards. All I'm actually doing by going the self-publishing route is to offer the book again at a much faster pace, and this time, it'll be in print.

I've created my own cover too. I'm working on the details now, but here's hoping it's once again for sale come June 2010.

Evil for webs.jpg

Curious as to what it's about? Here's my new blurb, and don't forget to watch the wonderful MOVIE trailer at my site!


What if you lived in Victorian London, the time of Jack the Ripper? What if you were one of the women he attacked, yet you managed to escape? And what if you knew he needed to find you and silence you before you identified him?

New maid Dorcy Edwards flees the scene of where her employer is found knifed to death. Confronted by a mysterious stranger in the fog, she fights for her own life, viciously clawing her attacker’s hand. She escapes, but ensuing events immediately plunges her into a cyclone of danger. Her dead employer’s will stipulates she must be cloistered on a remote family island. Alone with five strangers, including Gareth Davenport, her employer’s brooding, but darkly handsome heir, she encounters terrors at every turn. Who cut the telegraph lines? Who left a mutilated rat carcass outside her bedroom door? And what is the reason for Gareth’s black gloves and eye patch? Can he be the madman known as “Jack the Ripper”? Dorcy must find the answers, and soon, or her growing attraction for Gareth could be her very death sentence.