1000 words was tough. This story started as 2600 plus. Felt awful to chop it down (lost all the good sex bits) but anxious to know what you think.

A Healing Encounter

She parked her car and walked into the rehab clinic where she worked as a therapist. She knew she had a full caseload at the outpatient center, but she didn’t mind. Busy was good... no time to dwell on the loneliness that seemed to shadow her since she'd moved to this town months ago. She saw an unfamiliar name on the client list, but the routine of her morning pushed it out her mind until hours later when the secretary chirped, "Your 11:00 is here."
As he walked into the clinic, it took an effort to keep her jaw from dropping. It was the man she'd seen at the laundromat the last two times she'd gone. Of course she'd noticed him... who wouldn't? He was damned attractive, after all. But romance in the Suds 'n Spin? She chuckled at that, then strode to meet him while extending her hand. When he saw her, his eyebrows raised a little in surprise and... pleasure? She knew he recognized her, and his answering smile was intimate.
She registered the rough texture of his hand as he clasped hers—worker’s hands, she thought— and she motioned him toward a raised therapy mat where he sat. "We’ll start with you mirroring a few movements that I'll do. If anything feels uncomfortable, just tell me."
He nodded and began moving his arm as instructed. As he moved, she watched his face for any signs of discomfort. He was not movie-star handsome, but she found a strength in the set of his jaw that appealed to her . Attractive, she thought again, and when she met his eyes, he was studying her, as well.
Just then, he rotated his shoulder and she saw a tightening in his face.
"There...that hurts a bit."
"Okay, let me see," she answered. “Just relax your arm and let me move it.”
She met his eyes as she gently moved the joint and felt him tense immediately. She stopped.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked, voice full of concern.

He didn’t answer her for long seconds. "Hurt?" he finally repeated in a husky tone. "No...you didn’t hurt me."
"It’s just that I felt you tense," she continued softly, suddenly aware of their closeness. Again he was silent, but something in his gaze caused a flush creep into her cheeks.
"Okay, we’ll continue," she murmured, and moved her hand slowly back across his side. "Let’s have you lie back, and we’ll try a little ultrasound for the pain," she said in what she hoped was a professional voice. "Um...you’ll have to take off your tee-shirt."
He was looking at her again, and she thought she saw amusement in his hazel eyes.
"You’re in charge," he said softly, obeying her.
He was still looking at her, so she busied herself with readying the equipment to avoid openly staring at the broad expanse of his chest.
"I have to put this gel on your shoulder for the ultrasound," she explained. "You won’t feel anything but a sense of warmth once I start."
He smiled at her and said quietly, "I have a feeling I’ll feel more than just warmth."
Her breath caught in her throat, and she felt guilty and excited all at once. She needed to touch this man yet knew she was moving beyond the bounds of professionalism in that desire. A look at his face told her she wasn’t alone.
"I’m ready for you," he said, then closed his eyes again.
But am I? she thought.
As she applied the gel to his skin, she reveled in the ripple of muscle beneath her palms. His lips parted slightly and she saw his hands close into fists at his sides, as if trying to prevent himself from using them. To touch me? she wondered, and she felt a shiver of anticipation.
"Try and relax," she whispered.
"Fat chance of that," he replied with a low chuckle. "Don’t stop... I’m feeling better already."
She smiled in spite of her pounding pulse and allowed her fingers to continue their exploration. When she moved lower on his side, his eyes darkened with need and his breathing quickened. She glanced down his body and saw with a start just how much he’d been affected by their contact. He was growing stiff beneath his shorts, and she felt a wanton urge to free him of his clothing and ease his ache. She was unaware she had stopped moving until he hooked his fingers tenderly under her chin and turned her face to his.
"I think we'd better continue this assessment at a later date, unless you're fond of public displays of affection," he teased, but she heard the strain in his voice.
She exhaled in a rush, and in that moment knew she had to feel more of him...knew her body wanted all of him. She casually dropped a towel in his lap to hide his arousal and used another to wipe the gel from his skin.
She was trembling but forced herself to inhale slowly. Who was this woman pretending to be her? Was she orchestrating a seduction? She’d never been this forward with a man in her life. A stranger, no less! Yet through her disbelief, she could feel the throbbing which had started deep within her feminine core. She felt a primal urge to give herself to this man, and though she was shocked at her feelings, she did not deny them. Her body longed for his touch, and she could do no other than seek it.
"You know, I think this shoulder may need a few more sessions before it heals,” she said, as she offered him a tentative smile.
He raised a hand to stroke her cheek tenderly. "Lucky for me I know a good therapist.”