not sure if I got this assignment right... I didn't know if six lines meant six sentences (which is what I did) - and after reading it, I'm not sure if a reader could tell it was background...

Line one -- "This is a house of worship," the young man in black lead me down me down the church stairs, "the soup kitchen is two blocks over."

Line two -- Yet it wasn't the young pastor I saw, spewing his sour breath and sucking me into a vertigo of a sepia-like haze of mind gnawing memories, feasting on me like zombies after brains.

Line three -- Once again, I felt the rough wool of the old tattered sweater I used to clutched around me. "These men - they - I needed protection!"

Line four -- The young pastors lips moved, yet the sounds I heard belonged to Reverend, his undisguised disgust defecating all over what was left of my waning hope.

Line five -- Overwhelmed by the duel collision of past verses present, I plummeted to my knees, before him, stifling the painful cry as the shard gravel dug into my flesh, spilling crimson blood on holy grounds.

Line six -- "I'm homeless, sir, not helpless, and I will do anything you desire if only to be safe for one night."

(oops! Line seven --) A perverse smile curled the corners of the Reverend's lips, leaving no doubt in my mind there would be no sanctuary in the arms of God tonight or any other night again.