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    Default Giving you an update

    With much hesitation, I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking and to my surprise, I'm liking it. No. I'm loving it! I've had it about 3 days and I'm averaging about 2k plus words a day.

    Yeah! Book 5 (title pending) of the Hightower Series is moving right along.
    Annie Alvarez

    For some love bites or it sucks.
    For vampires, it does both.
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    i haven't read a dragon story for ages

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    Annie, I've never heard of this before, so gave it a quick look up on the net. I'm most intrigued. And very impressed with how much you're accomplishing!!


    Megan Rose always does a delightful job of combining sex, emotions and plot-Romance Junkies

    Megan Rose books are available at Red Rose Publishing,Torquere Press, Pink Petal Books and Cobblestone Press.

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    Hi Meg,
    I've got to admit that I am impressed, too. I got another 2k words done yesterday afternoon. Now, instead, of me typing my story, all I do is tell my story and the computer types for me.

    I purchased the preferred program because it gave me the option of reading it back to me. I can't tell you how many mistakes I've caught just by hearing it. Oh, it even puts commas and periods where they belong.

    Price was a little steep since I'm no, Nora Roberts or Kim Harrison, but well worth the money! Looks as if I'll make my deadlines!
    Annie Alvarez

    For some love bites or it sucks.
    For vampires, it does both.

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