The Devil’s Heel, Keta Diablo


Rogan Brockport is entitled to the rage he feels for being pushed out and left by his lover, Drew Hibbard. When word comes from higher authority that the young widower may very well be in peril on a suicidal mission to avenge his dead wife, Rogan accepts money and embroils himself in the situation. Hurt and resentment flow from him, though not as much as the physical attraction he still can’t deny for Drew. His only question is why, and he’s demanding that question be answered.

Drew Hibbard loved Rogan until he witnessed something that tore his heart from his chest, and sent him running to wed the opposite sex. When his eyes fell upon his lover once again, the present ceased to exist and all he could remember was the past they shared.

On the ship The Devil’s Heel the two are forced to come to terms with their split. Unresolved personal issues between Drew and Rogan were placed on hold, and those guilty of transgressions paid for their deeds.

When the truth came to light, only forgiveness and a healing love could hold them together and save them from uncertain danger lurking around the bend. The importance of life and seizing every opportunity of a future came to light.

The Devils Heel by Keta Diablo took me for a ride on the rough seas. I entered the lives of Rogan and Drew and held my breath for the fast paced ride of my life. Revenge mixed with passion and miscommunication endeared me to the two men struggling to find their way back to one another. I hoped they’d find a way to communicate in and out of the sheets. Holding my breath wasn’t in vain. I give this scorching read FIVE stars and a recommended read, and will be picking it up again.

Hales3000, Goodreads