During the Victorian Gold Rush in the late 1800s, a Chinese miner was hanged in Beechworth Goal, convicted of murdering his tent-mate. A bit of a loner, addicted to opium, he could have understood very little of what happened, but for the detective who investigated the case. Chinese born, the Anglicization of his name changing in every source, he became well known in Melbourne and one version of his name appears among the official witnesses of the execution.
A commonplace story, except for the Chinese ideograph the detective put in the margin of his report, which suggests he had grave doubts as to the guilt of the miner.
A Chinese born friend brought this story to my attention a number of years ago and it has dwelt in the back of my mind ever since, waiting for the moment I deem myself a good enough writer to do it justice, for both men fascinate me, the miner and the detective.
One day...