Sherry at Love 2 Read Novels just made my day by giving Out of the Darkness five stars. Here's what she had to say about it.

Anne Patrick has done it again! She has delivered a story that keeps you glued from a running start to a nail-biting finish! Alex is an interesting character. She is so strong and self sufficient but doesn't have the one thing she wants most. Royce is a wonderful tortured hero. One who has a lot of past issues but still possessed a tenderness in his heart. They really fit together well and you felt the struggle each had in trying to accept their feelings for one another. I really enjoyed all the supporting characters as well. Anne allows you a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer which is kinda scary but interesting to see the twisted way they think. She keeps you guessing through the story who the killer really is and you don't find out until the end. I like how she works faith in God into the story without being preachy. The story is chock full of action, suspense and romance. I highly recommend Out of the Darkness! To read the whole review,
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From Here's a tibdit from it: Out of the Darkness is a perfect example of a story done right. You'll keep turning pages because you can't wait to find out who the villian really is and how the story will play out. Once you finish this book, you'll be searching for more from Anne Patrick, and you can find what you seek on her website. To purchase your copy of this amazing suspense thriller available May 10th, visit Champagne Books.

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