Well, okay, Miss Mae isn't on sale! LOL But my YA book, When the Bough Breaks, is!

I'm so thrilled at the response I've received over this story. Reviews have been wonderful, and it won the 2009 P&E Readers' Poll for its category!

So now, for the month of May, you can have your own copy at a 15% reduction! (Sale offer only applies if bought through Whimsical Publication's site.)

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read about Parker and Darlene's story (or buy it for your teen, niece, granddaughter -- nothing in the story will make them blush! Miss Mae promises!)


The crop of blond hair readily identified Parker Shane. It’d been the only thing Darlene glimpsed when he breezed down the streets of Dalesville in his red Thunderbird convertible. Though she heard plenty of gossip about the ex-Marine, she hadn’t seen him up close and personal. Until now.

Like a grounded fence post, he stood straight and sturdy. Rounded biceps flexed below the sleeves of his white t-shirt that stretched like a second skin. The taut fabric of his faded jeans pressed down the length of his long legs, the denim refusing to crinkle as he strolled through the doorway of Fat Man’s drugstore. Easing atop a stool at the soda counter, he hiked a tennis-shoed foot on the rung and swiveled around. His lazy glance gave the place an unhurried once-over.

Darlene dropped her spellbound gaze to the floor, then raised it ever so slightly to peek through her lashes.

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