Her Five Favorite Words


His mouth came down on hers before she could even muster the courage to make a move. He pulled her against his body, grinding his already hard, pulsing cock against her stomach. A slow burn sparked between her thighs.

When his tongue glided along the seam of her mouth, she parted for him, moaning as he delved into her warmth. The bitter taste of his coffee mingled with the sweet flavor of her latte. He was gentle and tender, his fingers tracing circles on the small of her back.

The dim lights above cast a soft glow over the car. The atmosphere took on a dream quality, some sort of surreal sexual adventure. She settled into his body, savoring the taste of him, the feel of him, and the stiffness of his cock. Her mouth watered at the thought of that hardness gliding along her lips.

He broke away from their kiss. He wanted this. She could see it in his hungry stare.

"Are you distracted now?"