About Fiona Vance

Before eloping to Las Vegas with a hot, dark, and dangerous stranger, Fiona Vance was an office manager, a cocktail waitress, a guitarist for an all-girl punk band, a ballet teacher, a lingerie home-party sales rep, and a web developer. While some feats were more successful than others, all were accomplished without a net or any significant amount of medication (although she did once have a German shepherd on Zoloft). Someday, when she has time for hobbies, she’ll have a horse, a vegetable garden, a clean house, and will win back the thirty bucks she lost in the quarter slots at Excalibur.

Originally from Rhode Island, she currently resides in Oregon with her author-husband, the odd offspring or two, and a feisty calico cat named Snowy (who’s not currently a compulsive gambler or on any prescription medication). You can visit her online at www.fionavance.com, follow her on Twitter @fionavance, or friend her on Facebook at Fiona Vance or Fiona Vance Romance.