Jasmine Kendall hung up the telephone, the corner of her mouth lifted, and she rubbed the chills of excitement off her upper arms. Darren Finnagen brought out the naughty side of her, and this time, he pushed her even farther on discovering what she would do for the pleasure of being his slave. Indebted to him, she found herself unwilling to tell him no.

Glancing at the clock, she shut off her computer, grabbed her leather purse out of the bottom drawer of her desk, and closed her office door. She smiled politely at her employees on the way to the elevator, her panties already damp from the telephone call with Darren. He’d explained what he wanted, and she’d made a mental note of his demands. Whatever he requested in their relationship, she intended to follow through one hundred percent.

The elevator doors swooshed closed. Alone on the ride down, she ran her hand across her breasts to try to relieve the wave of intoxicated yearnings for what Darren planned. The motion heightened her desire and her skin burned. Even separated with distance, Darren seemed to control the way her body reacted to his orders.

With five more floors to go down to the lobby, she didn't have much time. She slipped her hand in the waistband of her pleated navy blue slacks, and her middle finger slid down and homed in on her clit. Her shoulders dropped, her head fell back, and a tiny purr came from deep inside.

The thought of Darren always created a spark in her body that ached to ignite into a roaring fire. Seldom did she achieve satisfaction from her own fingers, but required the master skills of someone more powerful, more controlling, less self conscious. He’d spoiled her for anyone besides him.

The way he ordered her about, pushed her past her boundaries, and showed her what her body was capable of doing became habit forming. She wanted more. More orgasms, more conquests, more daring behavior to feed the hunger for the extreme.

Unable to satisfy her body’s desire and not allowed to disobey Darren’s orders, she waited for the ding to signal the doors to open. She removed her hand in time to not be caught diddling her clit by the incoming crowd. Several men in business suits stepped into the elevator box and gave her a knowing smile. She lifted her chin and exited without a backward glance. Her musty, aroused state must have given away her secret.

That’s how Darren found her those many months ago. He sniffed her out of a crowd one night at a local hot spot where women prowled for one-night stand. Unable to participate, because of the chance at rumors getting back to the office, she held back. It wouldn’t do for her employees to know that the boss lady let her emotions control her sex drive. Aloof and above the others, she couldn’t help the way she’d stared at the man at the bar. Instantly, she’d known he was a man who’d dominate her.