"Hey, champs." Alicia stepped inside the room with a towel wrapped around her body. "You guys mind if I share the men's sauna? Maintenance has a sign up in the woman's locker room telling us not to use ours."

Pete cleared his throat and scooted over. "Sure, come sit by me."

Her gaze went from one to the other, taking in her perfect timing. "Guess I don't need this, since you're both naked."

She undid the knot above her breasts and let the towel fall to the floor. Her head dropped backward, causing her dark hair to cascade farther along her slender back. "God, the heat feels good. My shoulders are so tight."

"Come sit in front of me. I'll massage the kinks." Pete widened his muscular legs and pointed at the bench beneath him.

She’d love to tell him where he could put his hands. "What if I like a little kink?" She raised an eyebrow. "From both of you?"