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    Rolling Eyes Graphic Design is addictive

    So addictive, in fact, that sometimes I prefer tweaking photos instead of writing, (ssh, don't tell my publishers, )

    I use CS2, but rarely ever touch the other programs that came with photoshop. Most of my images come from great sites like Dreamstime, fotolia, morguefile, and photorack.

    My portfolio lists the odd jobs I have done, either for myself, or for other friends, and my premade Designs link (both found at the top of the page), lists the images I've done because an idea struck my fancy.

    I do banners, headers, bookmarks, and I am teaching myself a few things in order to do cover art for e books. I owe a lot of my education to Tuesday Dube, Sable Grey, and Anastasia Rabiyah, all great ladies who have shared their knowledge.

    My work can be found here and would love to hear what you think, if you have any suggestions or love to give feedback.

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