Hi Bec, I'm getting a new laptop. The one I have is old and needs updating, so I'll be doing that and taking care of some family matters. I'm excited to show and tell my collection. Do you like face masks and masquerades? If so, do you have a favorite? I have always been fascinated by Mardi /Gras and Halloween costume parties. So in Mask of the Betrayer, I feature a grand masquerade in the ballroom of a 100 year old ancestral mansion. Everyone is dressed to the nines, including Cleopatra, Valentino, Zorro and the Phantom. I went to a masquerade once where I dressed as Cleopatra, including a full headdress. I'll show it off on June 15. Hope you will be there, Bec! I'll save you a front row seat

Sharon Donovan
Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

Mask of the Betrayer
Available in print in eBook
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How come your day for the June Jubilee is so late into the month Sharon? I would have loved knowing more about Mask of the Betrayer sooner.