Then Dante I hits the streets! Wheee! Yumi Rebyj rules the Dante system yay!

Doesn't she look sweet!

Their love could save the planetóor blow it all to hell.

PIACT Undercover Agents, Book 3

Two years on the Separatist-controlled planet of Dante I, and undercover PIACT agent Tomas Valcino is no closer to contacting the underground rebellion. As if imminent mission failure isnít bad enough, he canít shake his lust for the prefectís beautiful daughter, Yumi Rebyj. The distraction must not tear him away from duty.

Every time Tomasís eyes find her, Yumiís insides melt like the molten planet below them. But sheís got her hands full leading the rebels, caring for her sick father, and fending off the Separatist leaderís advances. Plus, she already knows that Tomas isnít who he says he is. She just isnít sure whose side heís on.

An assassination attempt drives Tomas to take Yumi into hiding. In close quarters, all is stripped away. Secrets. Lies. And clothes.

Then the discovery of a new technology drives the Separatists to step up their campaign of cruelty to expose the rebels, once and for all. Tomas and Yumiís connection is Dante Iís only hopeóbut it could be too little, too late.

Warning: Hunks, Heroines and major warfare in close quartersóand locked cells. Ahem. We wonít forget the pair of panties that bravely gave its all in the making of this novel.