Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the quiz. That's the same category I scored in as well! We must think alike.

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Hi Destiny. Good to see you here.
I got an 18. Funny cause these are the types of books I like to read the most. Onw with a tortured soul.

If you scored between 13-19, you want a leading hero that is Tortured.
The tortured man will worm straight into a woman's heart every single time. He's the man that will die for you. He will sacrifice whatever it takes to keep you happy. But, there is something within him that needs a woman's cure. It is eating him from the inside out and you just know that you could help him if only he would confess what's in there hurting him so. The tortured hero makes the romance special because only the right woman can break him from his misery. Are you that woman?