Thank you so much for responding to my thread. Anytime you would like to pick my brain I would love it. I am very proud of my heritage and I agree with you about what people write about Native Americans is not always right. For example; I find so many authors put non natives with traditional natives. I know this is only fiction, but this would never happen in the real world.

I mean it does, but traditional people tend to marry there own kind. For non natives don't understand our customs or medicine. I am Haudenasaune.
Which translates People of the Longhouse, I speak my language and I practice our religion.

Yes I date outside my race, however I will probably never marry unless its someone traditional who can understand my religion. We have several different society and we are based with a clan system. Whatever clan you belong too, you may not marry within your clan. That would be like marrying your cousin or brother or sister.

We have our own governing system also, I love the way our people work. We are considered a soveign nation and we have no part in politics of Washington DC. If you would like to chat more, I would love to do so over im. I'm out of work for a few weeks due to knee surgery. Thank you. Teresa