Hi everyone

sorry about the long break between newsletters, but it's been a busy few months--especially considering I had the Romantic Times convention stuck in the middle of it (waves to everyone who came up to chat with me! It was lovely meeting you all).

I'm currently working on edits for Destiny Kills, the first book in my new fantasy romance series. No werewolves or vampires in this series, I'm afraid. It'll be concentrating on the 'other' paranormals--like
dragons, sea dragons, griffons, gargoyles, a phoenix, etc. Destiny Kills comes out in Jan 2008, so keep an eye on the website for more information about that one.

Embraced by Darkness is almost ready to be released. I had a couple of line-editor questions to answer this week and, once they get those back, I should be sent the galleys to check before it goes to print. I can't believe how fast July 31 is rolling around (though I know it
probably seems an age away for those who are waiting to see what happens to Riley and the gang ) I should have the first chapter up on my site within the next couple of weeks--if everything goes to plan that is.

I'll also be running another web contest to celebrate the release of Embraced by Darkness. The prize will again be more Aussie goodies--a slightly larger Koala Bear, an Aussie mouse mat, and probably some chocolates. That should be up by the end of May.

For those who are going to the Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas, don't forget to hunt me out and say hello! I'll be the Aussie wearing the cowboy mules (bought in Houston )

until next newsletter!

take care