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Thread: Exotic Foods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cara Bristol View Post
    I've had quite a few game meats including elk, venison (deer), moose, wild turkey, and a wild boar. What's great about game meat is it's naturally low in fat, even better than chicken. I've also had crocodile, squid, escargot and frog legs. I'd like to try ostrich. I hear it's a red meat that's low in fat.
    Ostrich is very tasty and yes it's low in fat. I had an ostrich burger a few years ago. I've also like you had venison, squid, escargot and frog legs. Other tasty game meats I've had are turtle (turtle soup - tastes like beef to me), buffalo (sweeter than beef), quail and pheasant. I love game.

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    I ate chocolate covered ants once (on a dare) crunchy is best I can remember but I wouldn't do it again. And, no, did not taste like chicken!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth Black View Post
    I would love to eat ants someday. I hear they taste like lemon because of the formic acid.
    Then you'd love going to Colombia, where they serve them roasted They take off the feet and tummy, and make you eat 'em whole. Taste like peanuts, lol.

    Nan, have you heard of Kopi Luwak? After The Bucket List movie, I'd been thinking of trying it if I ever find it...

    Last year I ate roasted snake (we were camping). Weirdly, tasted like grilled chicken.
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    Gotta say, once was enough for me and the chocolate saved me.
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