We have a slight problem.

Apparently due to the popularity of a certain agent and her appearances on YouTube the PIACT agency have determined that they can no longer operate our unit under the anonymous conditions necessary for the secrecy levels of their missions.

There have been, without our knowledge, several months of discussion amongst top PIACT officers as to how to go about disbanding our precious unit before we could find out about it and retaliate by putting superglue on their toilet seats.

I wasn't privvy to any of these discussions until a little bird, well, actually one of QQ's micro controlled wired fleas accidently found its way into the PIACT main boardroom and just happened to pick up a few bits and peices of the plan.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to prevent PIACT from dropping us like a porno movie posted on YouTube...

...Uh, maybe that's not the best comparison in these circumstances.

But at least I have been able to prevent them from disbanding our erstwhile and I say highly effective team.

After a generous application of superglue and dangling the sole bottle of solvent in front of their little noses they followed my suggestion and auctioned us off to the highest bidder.

Would you believe someone bought us? I have no idea who he has kept his identity almost as secret as his bank balance.

Well, anyway we are now to be known as the Bunnygirl Angels. Thankfully I talked our new owner out of making you all wear bunny tails and ears, mentioning how it might adversely affect your work.

But I believe the time would be appropriate, for those of you who wish it. to remake your code names. Before we begin our very first mission...

...against the evil cunning and greed of SPLATS ferocious movie queen Diamond Liz.

Let me know quickly if and what you need to change it to. We only have days, no, hours, before we must fight for the safety, and bunnygirls, of mankind.

Ferocious Furball.

If you guys are going to be okay with this I'm going to write *Tentative Title* the novel

"CTR Angels For Sale/Sold"

in an attempt to actually physically sell the story to a publisher. It will use your character names but obviously not you as peoples cos you're much too special for that.

It will be similar to how the PIACT Agent missions roll out but the series of novels--although using all characters--will focus on one character and her HUNK per book (which will make it more sellable.)

What do you think?