So, this week I’m taking a moment to gush over my excitement that “A Deadly Whisper ” – The Watchers Book One, has found a home at Cobblestone Press.
When I started this whole writing journey, I have to tell you I suffered major let downs while submitting – haven’t we all? LOL!

But when I got my first acceptance for “The Willow” with Liquid Silver Books, I was flying sky high. Nothing pleased me more than having someone love the stories as much as I did. It truly is an incredible feeling and I thought nothing could ever top it.

I was wrong. When I read the approval email from Cobblestone, it was a confirmation that I’m actually kinda good at writing (wink) and that it wasn’t only one person who enjoyed my stories. And that is a pretty good darn feeling!

This story came to me while I was working on another. After I day of non-stop thinking about it, I put the other aside and got to work on “A Deadly Whisper”. Never have a wrote a novel so quickly. I finished it in two weeks and it ended up being around 50,000. It consumed me!! So, I am so happy I get to share it with all of you

Here is the blurb for “A Deadly Whisper”

Nephillim are the offspring of a fallen angel and a human. Two kinds live within this race: Watchers―women gifted with the ability to watch the act of a demon devouring a soul. Seekers―men who fight against such evil and vow to rid the world of its existence.

The Seeker, Knox has waited two hundred years for his Watcher. And now, he has found her. But this woman, Paxtyn is not as willing to join him as he had hoped. The more he tries to prove himself to her, the more she is pushing him away…

Paxtyn has spent a lifetime keeping her secret hidden from the world, but now, she must confront these deadly visions head on. When a string of murders brings her into New Orleans, she must use her gift to communicate with spirits to discover who has ended their lives…

Nothing will ever be the same. Everything will be on the line―and Knox and Paxtyn will soon realize that the demons they hold within themselves are as far troubling as the ones they are fighting against…